Caribbean Destination Weddings

Thinking of planning your wedding in the BVI or another Caribbean island? Great! Here are a few tips on how to get the best results from your wedding photographs and make the most of our spectacular Caribbean backdrops.

Weather and Clothing;

It's the beautiful Caribbean, think blue skies, clear water and white sand beaches. Its gorgeous, that's why you are planning your wedding here. This is what you should know; typical high temperatures range from 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit year round, and the humidity can get pretty high, especially May to November. The temperatures in the evening only drop a few degrees so you can look forward to balmy evenings year round for your reception. Occasionally a chill will be felt in the winter months when the trade winds are strong. In the Caribbean it gets hot by 9:00 AM and stays hot until 4:00-5:00PM. In this tropical climate we have frequent rainfall, thankfully it generally rains in short bursts and most events can be worked around an unexpected sprinkle.

For beach weddings we recommend wedding gowns that are made of light weight fabric and will blow in the breeze, as well as keeping you cool this will really add to your wedding photography. Dresses with many layers are lovely but those layers can really turn up the heat. Avoid long sleeves (you can use a wrap if needed). A dress that bustles easily will be a godsend. Some dresses have a loop inside to slip around your wrist and these are a great way to whisk up that train when you are walking off into the sunset. Natural fabrics tend to be cooler than synthetics. Veils are beautiful on the beach; just remember to bring plenty of bobby pins so they stay put! If you will be standing in sand choose wedge heels, bridal flip flops or go barefoot, otherwise, high heels can be worn for your formal portrait and removed on the beach. The trade-winds can be strong in the winter so "up-dos" for long hair make sense. (Blustery days can result in uncontrollable tresses). For the groom a mid-toned suit will be cooler than black or navy and lightweight fabrics will help too. Beware of linen. While it can be comfortable, make sure that your linen shirt or suit is wrinkle free. We do recommend suit jackets for the best portraits but they can be easily removed after the ceremony to keep cool.


Most importantly for good photography we need good light. During the middle of the day when the sun is highest we get the deepest blue skies and sea and this is when your typical postcard shot is taken. Unfortunately, it's also really hot at this time and the sun is harsh. Portraits (and wedding photography) taken at this time often result in harsh shadows and can be unflattering. To make it worse, the glare of midday sun on a white sand beach next to the ocean will make even the toughest sun worshipper squint. For this reason we usually recommend the two or three hours before sunset for the softest light and therefore the ideal time to shoot weddings and portraits. Sunset varies between 6:00PM - 7:30 PM year round. At our southern latitude nightfall occurs just a few minutes after the sun sets over the horizon. Therefore, we recommend that you time your wedding ceremony at least an hour or two before sunset. This will ensure you have enough time after the ceremony for your formals in good light and save the sunset for the last shots of bride and groom before sitting down for dinner.